Charm & Glow Natural Herbal Facial Kit (Pack of 6 Pcs)

Product Description

Who doesn't want to have a beautiful glowing skin all the time especially on the occasions like marriage, office get together or parties? Our extraordinary Charm & Glow Facial kit help you achieve that look. We are here to pamper your sensitive skin every once in a while, with naturally occurring organic ingredients in our facial kit.

"Your skin speaks your mental state", so to have a healthy skin that represents your calm mind get our power pack 5 step skin care routine in the comfort of your home.

Your face has different needs than rest your body as the skin around it is comparatively much sensitive than other body parts, so your facial care products should not be harsh. We are one of the few reliable brands to offer you herbal products for your gentle skin care.

This facial kit comes with 5 procedural steps including deep cleanser, exfoliating scrub, massage cream, face pack and fairness cream. All these products leave you with clean spotless, moisturized, toned and glowing skin.

  • Cleanser
  • Exfoliating Scrub
  • SPA Massage Cream
  • Face Pack
  • Rejuvenating & Fairness Cream
    • Pack of 6

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Step Description

How to Use :

Step 1


Slightly cleanse your skin with this cleansing cream to remove all the dirt from your face.

Step 2

Exfoliating Scrub

Apply the scrub all over your face and gently massage with your fingertips. 

Step 3

SPA Massage Cream

Apply the spa massage cream on your face and get a soft and smooth skin.

Step 4

Face Pack 

Apply the face pack evenly on your face and wash after sometime to get an amazingly soft skin. 

Step 5

Rejuvenating & Fairness Cream

Apply cream to restore the soft and glowing for a longer time.

Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit



Deep and advanced cleanser

Deep and Advanced Cleanser

Experts says that a wrong cleanser dries up and damages the natural skin protecting barriers including pH mantle that fights against bacteria, allergens and pollutions. Our mild cleanser comes with balanced pH put together with botanical lavender and orange extract, where lavender is known for its ultra-soothing property with therapeutic scent and orange for skin exfoliation that leaves you with clean and fresh face.


Let's Get Scrubbing

Our walnut and olive oil scrub not only exfoliate and cleanse your skin but also pull out all the trapped impurities, dead skin cells, dirt including blackheads and white heads by gently unclogging pores to give you nourished and revitalized skin.

Let's Get Scrubbing


Nourishing Massage Cream

Nourishing Massage Cream

This spa massage cream is formulated for massaging your face to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines for a fresh look. This cream is enriched with almond oil, eucalyptus oil & Shea Butter to give you magical results. As almond oil is meant to give skin lightening and nourishing effect whereas eucalyptus oil cleanse and Shea Butter softens and tone your facial skin.


Magic Glow Face pack

When it comes to skincare it is better to go back to nature because it is safer and better as compared to synthetic ingredients. Our magic glow face pack is prepared by integrating the goodness of natural constituents such as Apricot, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter & Spearmint that reduces pigmentation, ooze out deep-seated impurities and improved facial blood circulation to get your skin a better breath ability giving it a soft refreshed and youthful look

Magic Glow Face pack


Let's get started with hydrating facial cleanser

Let's Get Started with Facial Cleanser


Apply orange and lavender cleanser gently all over the face with your fingers in upward and outward movement. Do not scrub; let it stay for some time then wipe it off with a moist cotton pad or rinse with water and pat dry.


Exfoliate Your Skin by Scrubbing


Moisten your face & neck then apply exfoliating walnut and olive oil scrub with wet finger tips, message gently to get all the dirt and excess oil removed. Rinse well or pat dry with cotton pad and feel the difference.

Exfoliate your skin by scrubbing


Perform Gentle Massaging

Perform Gentle Massaging


Wash your face with normal water and massage your face gently in upward and downward strokes with almond oil, eucalyptus oil & Shea Butter enriched massage cream. Leave it for 5 minutes. Rinse it off to experience a silky-smooth skin.


The Finale Face Pack


Wrap up your final step with Apricot, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter & Spearmint infus2ed face pack. Spread a thick layer of face pack on your face and neck area, avoiding the area around eyes. Leave it for 10-15 minutes or till dry. Rinse it off; you will discover a clean, smooth and toned face "To Rock Your Finale".

The Finale Face Pack



Rejuvenating Spotlight Ready Fairness Cream

Rejuvenating Spotlight Ready Fairness Cream

Our instant fairness cream is infused with tomato, carrot and green tea blends completely with your skin to get you a spotlight ready glowing skin. The infused organic elements have several mind-blowing characters such as Carrot acts as antioxidants reducing blemishes and acne, Tomato increases fairness and tightens pores giving you a toned look, whereas Green tea acts as anti-ageing phenomenon leaves you with youthful face.

"Get a radiant look with Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit to rock your finale"